About Gurukulam

The Students at Gurukulam are mainly from communities like Paradhi, Kaikadi, Dombari, Mariaaiwale, Sonzari, Tambat, Aadivasi, Vanvasi, Dalit, Bauddha etc as well as slum dwellers, child labourers and economically weaker sections living in Pune-Chinchwad area. This is an attempt to educate deprived children. Parents – Students of Gurukul come from different social strata. Paradhi parents have been branded as criminals and are suspected in thefts, dacoities, murders. Having their huts ransacked by police, they are left homeless. They toil, collect scrap, beg alms to earn livelihood. But they send their wards to Gurukulam so that good values would be inculcated in the children and their lives would be better.