Our Approach

Gurukulam follow the centuries old Indian approach of Gurukulam which was also followed by Gandhiji in the form of Vocational Education or Vardha Education or Jeevan Education or Buniyadi Education.

Gurukulam is a Residential Schook whose Education System is based on three principles: self-reliance, self-respect & dignity of labour.

Students in Gurukulam are mainly from different nomadic & de-notified tribes like Pardhi, Kaikadi, Dombari, etc. Children from Pimpri-Chinchwad slum area, child labourers and financially weak families also get education in Gurukul.

Guru (Teacher) & Shishya (Student) both stay together in Gurukulam. Guru (Teacher) is the person who makes his student knowledgeable & literate. Shishya (Student) is the person who gets all knowledge from Guru by spending maximum time with him. Bonding between Guru (Teacher) & Shishya (Student) is the main concept in Gurukulam.

Teaching in Gurukulam is not related only to class-room, students, chalk, black board, notebook and pen but it is more with the interaction between the Teacher & Student.

In Gurukulam, student’s physical & intellectual capabilities are observed and accordingly education is provided to him/her. They are educated as per their hobbies, habits & basic skills.

A new syllabus was developed in which India’s cultural/traditional part was added along with formal (regular) syllabus. Four languages are taught in Gurukulam along with subjects like Maths, Vedic Maths, Science, History, Geography, General Knowledge from 1st standard.

Other subject areas covered at Gurukulam are Farming, Horticulture, Arts, Computers, Home-Science, Ayurveda, Agriculture, Engineering, Social Sciences, Dairy, Carpentry, Plumbing, Welding, Construction, Social Education, etc.

Evaluation for student is done from his/her first day at school and his Personal Habits, Cleaniliess are observed along with Cultural and Academic aspects.