History of Gurukulam

In 1972, Krantiveer Chapekar Smarak Samiti was set up in Chapekar Vada with an objective to erect monuments of late revolutionaries Chapekar brothers in their birth village.

The committee started its activities to fulfil the dreams the revolutionaries had for independent India – education, social upbringing and overall development of deprived components of society.

This committee established gymnasium, library, seminars and two schools (1st to 12th class). The work for transforming Chapekar Vada into a memorial began in 1998 and was completed in 2005.

Work of Prabhune Kaka and others

As part of “Yamgarwadi” project, an attempt was made to provide primary education for Vimukta Jati as per prevailing educational system in Tulajapur. The experience gained from this project was beneficial during the establishment of “Punaruththan Samarasata Gurukulam”.

It was realized in Yamgarwadi that Traditional Knowledge could be better utilized with a touch of advancement and that gave birth to the idea of Gurukulam. It was called “Punaruththan Samarasata Gurukulam”