Creating Impact

More than 300 students are studying in Gurukulam are living & studying in Gurukulam at this moment. Students are living in Gurukulam with their Gurus, Acharyas and their families.

Gurukulam has a full-fledged workshop for woodwork, foundry, bamboo work, carpentry, pottery, etc. It has a small patch of land where students learn agriculture, horticulture and grow various ayurvedic medicinal herbs. It also has a Go-Shala.

It also has a Computer Lab so that students can earn knowledge related to computers. Classes in Gurukulam are held in “Parnakuti” so that students can live & study in the midst of mother nature.

Various articles created by Gurukulam students are for display & sale in various companies like Infosys Limited, ATOS, etc.

One of our student is pursuing Bachelor of Engineering Degree from Pune University.

Gurukulam has been visited by the following dignitaries

1) Ex-President of India, Pratibha Devisingh Patil,
2) Education Minister of Maharashtra, Vinod Tawde
3) Sarsanghachalak of R.S.S., Mohanji Bhagwat.