Nomadic Tribes, Denotified Tribes, Scheduled Tribes and Untouchable Communities still do their traditional business. Their traditional businesses do not give them sufficient income.

They are too poor to have adopt the new education system. According to one survey, only 15% of children complete their education till 10th standard. Due to lack of education, they lag behind others.

Due to lack of education and poverty, many of the adults fall prey to various vices like drinking, tobacco, stealing, robbery, etc. Due to these vices, these communities are sometimes subjected to subhuman treatments from police & other communities.

Due to ignorance and poverty, these people tend to have more number of children. And because of more number of children and poverty, either they do not send their children to school or send them to sub-standard schools.

Many of children either leave school or fail in examinations because of various reasons:

  • Lack of good environment.
  • Lack of awareness
  • Poverty
  • Issues in Math, Science and English subject.

Most of the effort of Gurukulam in spending in being financially strong so that they pay the basic salaries of the Acharya and provide food, shelter & clothing to more than 320 students.